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Tell him he’s dreamin’!

When I began working as a relief manager several years ago I had no idea about industry rates for relief managers, or even how much demand there was for their services.

So I looked at the issue from the other point of view. That is, how much would the average manager pay for someone to manage their business so they could a short break? I felt that if a relief manager charged $40 per hour (over $300 per day) he probably wouldn’t get much work. However, if a relief manager charged about $2500 for a period of two weeks (about $24.00 per hour) then it would be a reasonable proposition.

It comes back to the old supply and demand rule that we learnt at school. This should be a familiar formula to everyone as you would use it almost every day in order to obtain your highest occupancy rate.

I understand that most relief managers who operate as a single individual charge from about $180 to $230 for an eight to nine-hour day, whereas couples charge from around $220 to $260*.

It is a rare situation when a single person cannot satisfactorily manage a business usually managed by a couple, particularly in off-peak times. This is due to the fact that he/she has limited dealings with the Body Corporate, minimal dealings with owners, rarely pays accounts and most times is not contracted during high seasons or at the end of the month, when most managers prefer to look after their business themselves.

When booking a relief manager I would suggest that as well as agreeing on a daily rate, find out if the relief manager is proposing to charge for additional duties outside of the agreed times. This could include such things as letting in a guest who has lost his keys at 2.00 am or putting out the bins at 5.00 am.

* I have gathered these figures from my own research, if you would like to assist in ensuring the accuracy of my figures, please email me with any related experiences you have had, along with a daily rate and the period of time for which the manager was contracted.

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