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Great Relief: Your Relief Manager – Good Insurance

Engaging a relief manager and taking a weekend away can be of great benefit to you and your business.

Develop a good working relationship with a suitable relief manager and you have peace of mind knowing that if there is some emergency in your family there is someone who knows your business and would come and take over at the earliest opportunity. Once you have been through the briefing the first time, usually a relief manager will not need any more information. In my own case, I keep notes on each business I work for; this includes a list of usual suppliers, passwords for sites such as Site Minder, when to feed the cat and so on, so that when I return I need little more information.

There was one manager I worked for regularly who met me at the airport and threw me the keys to the business and the car and as I flew in they flew out! 

I suggest that you include your relief manager on your email distribution list for standard letters say to owners or marketing information so he can always be up to date. And it is not a bad idea to have him take over at least for a week once a year.

Many managers are getting up around retirement age and almost all work seven days a week. Give yourself a break and at the same time have some extra insurance for the future. I know some managers are a little apprehensive about installing someone they do not know in their home and taking over their business but, while there appear to be over a dozen relief managers working fairly consistently, I have not read any articles about anyone doing the wrong thing.

That being said do a little research and find a relief manager that you are completely comfortable with – a referral is a good start.

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